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About Us


            Any description of our artistic practice has to include the fact Deana and Chuck have been working together for over 38 years and we cannot think of making work without the other’s involvement.

            Our tag is “Four Hands-One Voice.” Deana started her full time stained glass studio practice in 1978, Chuck joined her in 1984 and over the years we have melded into one.

            While we continue to do stained glass work, our current body of work has added outdoor sculpture, gates, and small scale sculpture. Our vision is to make work for ourselves and clients that reflect the wonder and joy we find in the everyday.

            While in the macro, the world is awry, in our micro, life is pretty sweet. We don’t ignore the macro, some of our work explores issues related to the craziness around us, but the thrust of our work is to create pieces that celebrates the sweetness that surrounds us.

            So in this approach, we are finding kindred souls who appreciate our vision and ask us to apply our sensibility to bring joy into their lives.

            In 2018 we were invited to an Artist Residency in Gmunden, Austria. Having a month to work unfettered by commercial interests gave us a chance to talk a lot about where we wanted to go with our studio practice. These discussions have led directly to what you see us creating now

            We live in the woods. It’s a great place to be, especially during the pandemic. One of the offshoots of the pandemic was the realization that nature is a balm for the psyche. Even when we are in our studio, the huge amount of windows peering out into the landscape -along with our outdoor work space, keeps us anchored in the landscape. Our interpretation of the natural world resonates with others, we are tickled pink to bring this sensibility into other’s lives. Everyday brings some new cool thing to riff off of and keep us as giddy as little children discovering their feet.

            Our aim is to keep this wonderment alive and to share it with others. Making pieces that allow folks to step back, take some time to breathe, and contemplate nature drives us forward.

            The work is plasma-cut, fabricated, forged, and foraged steel along with vitreous enamel, found objects, patina, paint, paper and oh so much more. Our skilled hands use these materials to create timeless art that will tickle the eye for now and for years to come.

            We’d love to talk to you about making something for you. Contact us and let’s get started!

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