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Sandblasted Painted Glass

2_As The Great World Spins.jpg

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This work is no longer available. But we are extremely proud of this body of work. We developed and perfected this technique. Deeply carved plate glass with oil paint mounted on patinated copper backs or mounted in forged and fabricated steel frames.

See this fine work in private collections all over the US.

When Women Were Birds

1_When-Women-Were-Birds-OUTLN MR.png

Our house and studio are tucked into the woods, so we’re surrounded by birds.  The song of the house wren wakes us; the screech owl lulls us to sleep. 

Because of this, the words of Terry Tempest Williams resonate strongly with us:

“Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.”

Let The Great World Spin


Sand-carved glass, oil paint, patinaed copper, wood back.

Here Be Dragons


The pattern that consists of many sinuous lines is taken from a topographical map of our neighborhood.  You can see there are many mountains.  It’s so sparsely populated here that Google didn’t even map it correctly! 

If you’re using a GPS system when you crest the hill leading to our valley, the screen will turn blank about a half-mile from our house.

We think the GPS screen should read Here be Dragons, just like the old European maps were labeled for the Atlantic Ocean west of Iceland and the British Isles before the Age of Discovery.

Sand-carved glass, oil paint, patinaed copper, fabricated steel, wood back.

She Walks These Hills


We live in the mountains of North Carolina.  Because we have few neighbors, there is hardly any light pollution.  When the moon is full, it shines so brightly we can see shadows. 

“She Walks These Hills,” is the first line of the chorus in the song, “The Long Black Veil.”  Even though this song is about a woman, that line always reminds us of the moon.


Sand-carved glass, oil paint, patinaed copper, wood back.

From The Mountains To The Sea


Sand-carved glass, oil paint, patinaed copper, wood back.

Phee, Phi, Pho Phum


The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean is denoted with the Greek letter “Phi.” 

Punsters that we are, we couldn’t resist this wordplay on the old nursery rhyme.

The Golden Spiral is found throughout nature and is considered the perfect form.  We cannot disagree with this sentiment and pay homage to it with this piece.


Sand-carved glass, oil paint, patinaed copper, wood back.

Egyptian Reggae

5_Egyptian ReggaeMR.jpg

Sand-carved glass, oil paint, forged and fabricated steel.

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